Basic Package
  • Student Consultation
  • Course Admissions Application
  • English Language Course Application
  • Visa Application
  • Accommodation Coordination
  • Airport Pickup
  • Mobile Phone
Premium Package
  • Includes Basic Package
  • Apple iPad
  • Bank Account Registration
  • Police Registration
  • Health Service Registration
  • City Orientation
Prior to departing your country
Student Consultation
We will provide you with as much information as you need so that you may choose the right University for you.
Course Admissions Application
We will help you secure your University offer and handle the communications between you and your chosen University.
English Language Course Application
We will assist you in selecting and applying to a suitable university/college to undertake English language courses such as IELTS, TOEFL and Pre-sessional English.
Visa Application
The regulations for entry into the UK are constantly changing; however our professionally regulated solicitors keep up to date with the latest requirements and will help you to secure your student visa.
Accommodation Coordination
It is recommended to arrange accommodation in the UK before you leave home, whether you prefer to stay on university campus or other accommodation, we can arrange it for you.
After arriving in the UK
Airport Pickup
We will collect you from the airport and transport you to your accommodation.
Mobile Phone
You will be issued with a sim card upon arrival so that you may maintain contact with family back home.
Apple iPad
Oxfordian students will be issued with an iPad to assist with research and studies.
Bank Account Registration
Due to strict UK banking regulations, opening a bank account in the UK can be a difficult process, however, we can make it easy for you.
Police Registration
Students from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq and Iran need to register with the Police station within seven days of arrival, we will ensure you register on time.
Health Service Registration
You will be registered at a local health centre at the first opportunity, entitling you to receive free treatment.
City Orientation
You will be given a tour and valuable information will be given about life at university and the city you are staying in. You will also receive an information pack which contains a detailed map of the city, showing places of interest.